It was 7th July 2016 when we made up our mind for a short trip to Digha, a beautiful sea beach in Midnapore, West Bengal, India. Sushovan, Rajat and I made our way to Digha by motorbike along Kona Expressway. The journey was really tiresome because of the excessive heat of the sun and occasional raining. It generally takes 3-4 hours to reach Digha from Baruipara but It took us nearly 6 hours because of the rain. We had our lunch in a roadside restaurant. The food was amazing specially the fish curry was out of this world. We enjoyed every bit of our meal. We stayed in a hotel there. We took a little rest then went out to explore the wonderful scenery of mohona which was nearly 2km away from New Digha. We reached there just after the sun set. The sky was still tinted. We could hear the roaring of the restless sea from a little distance. Finally, we were in Mohona. It was getting dark. We made our way to old Digha to enjoy the wrath of the waves. We sat there for about two hours watching the restless sea. It was an unforgettable moment especially when you are watching the waves keeping your head on your loved one’s shoulder. The atmosphere automatically makes you feel romantic. We returned to our hotel after two hours and enjoyed our dinner with Paneer Masala and Tawa Roti. Needless to mention that the food was awesome and cheap as well. First day of our Digha tour ends here. Next morning we got up early to experience the sun rise at Mohona but when we reached there around 5.30 the sun was already up there. Sadly, we missed the chance. But we made enough out of it. The morning was beautiful. The fishermen were out on the open sea with there little boats to catch fish, crabs etc. I must say that they are truly heroes. You need to be trully courageous to take your tiny boat to the fierce sea. It feels really bad when I think about the risk that they take every single day to earn their bread. Anyway we returned to our hotel because we wanted to go to the sea as early as possible. Yes, the sea was calling us. So immediately after our breakfast we went to the Digha sea beach. We could see a thick crowd everywhere. I wished it was a little less crowded. But it was the time of Eid. So the crowd was expected. We played in the water for some time then unfotunately we were compelled to come out of the water due to some unpleasant circumstances. I felt bad because nobody can really enjoy the waves during that short period. We came to our hotel and checked out. It was the last day of our trip. Again we took our motorbikes and the last part of our short trip began. We went to Talsari. Again the beautiful sea, sand, jhau tree and an unending beauty of nature. The sea beach is quite narrow here and also it was less crowded. You can get fresh crab, prawn, fish curry everything here. Also, beautiful statue and show pieces made of sea shells are really attractive. You can get simple pearl jewelry which are cheap and beautiful but you have to bargain a lot. We made our way to Tajpur beach hereafter. The sea is more fearful here. We spent a very little time there enjoying the coconut water and Kulfi (type of ice cream) . We went to Mandarmoni from there. You can never get tired of watching the playful waves. We walked on the wet sand, felt the restless waves under our feet. We spent about one hour then again our journey began. It was rainy season. So we needed to be back soon. We waved goodbye to Digha promising we would be back again. I was already missing the sea, the sandy beach and everything. But we had to come back. We took our lunch in a roadside restaurant. Then again started moving. Then we halted in Kolaghat for a quick round of tea. You need to halt in every two hours when you are traveling by motorbike. We came back home around 7pm with a lot of beautiful memories.